Sunday, June 28, 2009

Great Summer

We just got back last week from a trip to Laughlin, NV. We had a great time. We even came home from gambling with more than we left with. That doesn't happen very often. I got really lucky betting on a NASCAR race. I don't even know very many of the drivers but remember my grandson, Declan, saying- Kasey Khane, Kasey Khane, so I bet on him. Well, he won!!!! What are the chances of that. I guess it was 18 to 1. I cashed in a $10 ticket for $180. Thanks Declan! Jim also came out ahead.
Our friends from Parker, AZ came over on Monday before we left and had lunch with us. Terry and Jim went to High School together.
Then an unfortunate thing happened at the airport. We were one of the last ones off the bus. Decided to let the older people off first. We weren't in a hurry. When we got into the terminal they were doing CPR on one of the people on our tour. They said he was dead before he ever hit the ground. I had never seen CPR done on a person before. I am trained on CPR but never had to use it. They were also using a defibrillator. Never seen that either. It was really sad for everyone standing there watching. It was great though, the casino put the wife up for the night, made all of the arrangements to get the body back , and got the wife back to OK all at their expense. I don't think many casinos would do that. Enough about that.
We have been painting our cabinets in the kitchen. What a job!!!! Almost finished. Just touching up left to do.
We went to dinner tonight with Jim's ex-father-in -law, his wife, his nephew( I am not sure if he is considered former or not) and his girlfriend. Go figure that one out. We had a great visit.
Back to a hot week in OK

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good Week

We just returned from Texoma Lake. We took Brad and John (my nephews) with us. We had a wonderful time striper fishing. Was sorta slow most days but one evening made up for all of the slow days. We caught close to 40 fish. We had so many big fish we kept having to throw them back. We thought the limit was one fish over 20 inches per person but it was really 2 big fish per person. The biggest one was about 29 inches and weighed about 8 1/2 pounds we think. Fun!
The boys left on Sunday. Our friends from Texas came to visit on Sunday. That was a really good time.
We came home today because a good friend of Jim's (and former family) had a son that died in a motorcycle accident. Bill Call was some relative to Pat's family. His son was only 28 and had a month and a half old baby. Really tragic!
Then on our way home we had a blow out on our camper. Got that changed and got home.
It is always good to be home.