Friday, April 24, 2009

Wow! Where Did This Week Go!!!!!

I can't believe this is already Friday. We have been so busy this week for being retired. We played golf on Wednesday. I played my best ever on the front 9 holes. I have knocked off almost 10 strokes since last summer. I ordered a new driver yesterday. Not the one I was looking for but I think it will be fine.
We are having friends over for dinner tonight. Of course Jim will be serving wild turkey and paddlefish with cavier.
Yesterday we worked in the yard. It is looking good. Flowers are in bloom. I love the Spring in Oklahoma.
The weather has been unusually hot. It was in the 90's two days in a row. Of course those of you who know me well know I love the warm weather.

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  1. Excellent! I called two golf stores here and went to the one I use that sells used, they said that Callaway FTi or the specs you sent was a hot driver, all they had were two new ones. Have fun!